Mr. Abdulbasit Al-Shaibei, CEO of QIIB

09-12-2017, 04:39 PM - From 4 Years ago


International Islamic Bank continues its commitment to CSR. Its leading initiatives reflect a pioneering approach, especially in the field of education and building of national human resources.

Hosting students from different schools

As part of its duty towards the community, the bank is hosting periodic visits for students from different schools during which they are familiarized with the various aspects of Islamic banking services and related issues.

During 2016, the Bank schools received students from Qatar Academy, Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Independent Secondary School, and Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Independent School.

CEO of the Islamic international Bank was keen during these visits to meet with students, accompanied by senior bank officials. Interactive dialogue sessions were conducted to enrich the students’ experience and expand their practical and theoretical knowledge.

The visits also included a tour around a number of QIIB sections, where the students listened to a detailed explanation from specialists on the practical aspects of various types of Islamic banking as customer service, information systems, accounts, checks and other services. These visits help create a genuine communication between educational institutions and the business market.

Promote children’s creativity

International Islamic Bank signed a partnership agreement with “Kidsmondo Doha,” adding recreational and educational activities to boost creativity and imagination to children and youth. The partnership is part of the QIIB CSR program, through which “Kidsmondo Doha” provides to children interactive experience on banking. This unique experience will enable them to achieve their dreams to be employees and customers of the bank in the future.

Sports Day

QIIB participated in the sports day activities effectively, which has become a tradition focusing on the importance of sports and inviting all groups of society to engage in sports activities.

Many QIIB staff and senior management members participated in the walk marathon on the Corniche area in Doha. Participants gathered since early morning in front of the QIIB headquarters at Grand Hamad street, and then moved as a group to the start point of the marathon.

This national event comes following the example of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir and inspired by his directives that emphasize the importance of sports in our lives. Sports is a very important value contributing to community development and promoting human interaction and civilized values.