Mr. Rashid Al Saad, Senior Partner of Sharq Law Firm

09-12-2017, 04:40 PM - From 4 Years ago

Our partnership with the QRC to devote to the principle of CSR

Rooted in Qatari tradition, Sharq Law Firm is a leading and prestigious full service Qatari law firm that represents some of the biggest Qatari companies, ministries and government institutions as well as high networth individuals in Qatar as well as multinational organisations with interests in the Qatari market.

Sharq Law Firm brings together a group of seasoned professionals who share a passion for law and a knack for quality and customer service, offering clients legal services at the highest standard.

A marriage between local knowledge on the one hand and quality service at a global standard on the other hand. is hardly found. Sharq Law Firm represents a perfect marriage of tradition and modern, local and global, youth and experience and efficiency and quality.

Sharq Law Firm is the first private law firm in Qatar to introduce a Qatarization programme (Al Wakeel) and its aim is to benefit the Qatari community and stakeholders in the legal industry, with an emphasis on the Ministry of Justice and the Qatar government.

The objectives of the Al Wakeel programme is to invite Qatari law graduates to apply for the Qatarization programme. When seeking employment, Qatari graduates prioritize their career development, followed by the experience they would gain. They also prefer working for Qatari companies in the private sector. Sharq Law Firm present these young graduates a platform where they can learn and obtain practical experience in legal representation, becoming skilled lawyers, able to stand their ground in International market.

Sharq Law Firm CSR Initiative – Probono Services To Qatar Red Crescent

In a continuous bid to give back to its society, Sharq Law Firm entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Qatar Red Crescen to provide probono legal assistance in all areas of law at no cost to Qatar Red Crescent.

Qatar Red Crescent was selected for this probono initiative, in recognition of their great contribution to society by rendering assistance to the poor and needy throughout the GCC and MENA.

Sharq Law Firm has committed time and resources into assisting Qatar Red Crescent in all their legal challenges, rendering top quality legal services. Collectively, the Firm has spent over 100 hours rendering probono services to Qatar Red Crescent.

Sharq Law Firm CSR Initiative – Qatar University College Of Law Externship Programme

Sharq Law Firm is also a proud participant in Qatar University College of Law Externship programme. As an alumni of Qatar University himself, our Senior Partner, Mr. Rashid Al Saad is giving back to his community by allowing young Qatari students engage as interns in our law firm, where they are exposed to the practical nature of the legal profession, thus enhancing their learning and broadening their understanding when they go back to school.

The interns are given hands-on practical training in all areas of law, under the guidance of Partners as well as senior colleagues. They are also given the privilege of meeting clients and understanding the nature of business and client relationship.