Mr. Yasser AlJaidah, CEO of Qatar Cool

09-12-2017, 04:41 PM - From 4 Years ago

CSR at Qatar Cool

Being a responsible and sustainable Qatari organization is of the utmost importance to us. We believe that district cooling has a critical role to play in the country’s development and the National Vision 2030. Qatar Cool commits to reducing environmental risks, preserving natural resources and improving economic growth and opportunities. Qatar Cool ensures that the growth of operations is undertaken in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Qatar Cool’s CSR objectives reflect the commitment of the organizations responsibility towards society,. Qatar Cool is positioned as an industry driver, promoting and implementing international, clean and green policies.


Qatar Cool takes the environmental impact of district cooling very seriously, district cooling plants are operated more efficiently with less harm to the environment by eliminating such things as carbon dioxide, possible gas leak and noise pollution. District cooling offers major environmental benefits and allows us to economize on natural resources.

Qatar Cool has put into action the switch from potable water to Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) as make-up water in our West Bay plants, thus saving a vital natural resource.


We produce collaterals and marketing material that shed light on the benefits of district cooling, energy and water conservation and sustainability not only for customers, but also to society and the government.

Qatar Cool participates annually in Earth Day, World Water Day and the GCC Conservation week along with our partners and the community, as an organization it is essential for us to show our community spirit, to our customers and the community. During such events we engage with our stakeholders and display important information on conservation, sustainability and the environment. We also hold environmental discussions and projects with local schools stressing on the importance of sustainability and conservation this to enable us to engage with our customers while creating awareness about the Environment through the youth of Qatar.

Qatar Cool collaborates with Hamad Medical Corporation for an annual blood donation drive on the Pearl Qatar to raise as much blood as possible for our community.

Qatar Cool runs an annual three month clothes donation drive on the Pearl Qatar, in association with Qatar Charity’s TAYF project. The clothes donation sees the community come together and give back to the society through their contributions.


Qatar Cool and Tarsheed work together on energy conservation and efficiency through their partnership, in line with the national campaign for the conservation and efficient use of water and electricity in Qatar.

In an effort to enhance the conservational impact and development of district cooling in Qatar, Qatar Cool and the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) entered into a partnership outlining our plans to work together to expand on environmental reserves and research one of the key projects we will embark on is to investigate the reuse of Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) for critical applications by providing an advanced treatment processes to deliver a high quality of TSE.