HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa AlThani, the Prime Minister and Interior Minister

09-12-2017, 05:29 PM - From 3 Years ago

Qatar… a State of Social Responsibility
The State of Qatar is showing an accurate trend towards Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in its economic policies. This has produced a huge leap in production abilities of the private sector and could build a healthy competition atmosphere within.

Qatar is looking forward to boost the potential of the young generation out of deep belief that these energies are not limited to only short-term projects, but to the ideas of its youth that will not energize its regional and global presence only, but be an influential inscription in people›s lives and the economy, which will stimulate significant success stories.

The State of Qatar believes in the importance of empowering young people as future leaders and is keen to arm them with the knowledge to build and manage sustainable projects in various economic sectors. The Government has continuously worked to remove obstacles and provide ways in which young people qualify to enter in the business world so that they can contribute to a better future for their country.

Toward achieving these national goals the Government has developed a plan for Qatarization and educational sponsorships where it approved the formation of a committee to determine the disciplines required for the job market for the next ten years in accordance with the governmental authorities’ point of view.

In our endeavor to achieve the National Vision 2030, the State of Qatar has supported the growth of the private sector to play a greater role in the economic development process by introducing the concept of entrepreneurship among young people, and encouraging selfgenerated initiatives providing the right environment for creativity and innovation.

To achieve this, the ministries and governmental organizations are working in partnership with the private sector to implement many programs and projects that provide youth with the means and requirements that help them contribute in achieving the goals of Qatar.

Youth participation in building the future of this ambitious state has proven to the world, day after day, that they are able to realize the achievements that can enforce the role of Qatar as a regional and international center for innovation and creativity.

The government is introducing initiatives to empower the youth and get to know what they require to achieve their goals. And it discusses issues of common concern in a realistic and effective way in order to find solutions and develop plans to achieve these goals and increase the youth contribution to economic development.

Qatar has provided the suitable atmosphere for entrepreneurs of serious and constructive initiatives based on the National Strategy 2011- 2016. The Government has enacted regulatory policies to facilitate the establishment of businesses, create more funding opportunities, and provide logistics services to entrepreneurs and creative innovators.

The Government has encouraged the youth on self-employment and innovation through launching several initiatives and projects such as Al Furjan markets which allowed a large segment of entrepreneurs to enter the world of trade for the first time or to expand their business in it. In addition to initiatives, projects and various services in the country such as entrepreneurship and business centers and financing facilities provided by banks and also achieve the partnership between the public and private sector such as the logistics areas.

The truthful faith of our wise leadership in the importance of the human capital, represented by His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir, has ensured the enactment of the required laws and legislation for entrepreneurs and introduced simplified procedures and regulations that support the entrepreneurial spirit of the young generation. A standing evidence of the fact that Qatar is a state of Social Responsibility.