HE Sheikh Hamad Bin Thamer Al-Thani

09-12-2017, 05:30 PM - From 4 Years ago

CSR at Qatar Media Corporation

In light of the growing global interest in CSR and ascending awareness at the local level in terms of commitment to community service, Qatar Media Corporation was involved in corporate social responsibilities efforts in various initiatives, programs, and activities on the local level. These initiatives aim to enhance community development services through sustainable development in the country.

Cooperation with Qatar University

QMC signed a media cooperation agreement with Qatar University, which targeted attracting talented students from Qatar University to work in the TV and radio channels and television institution among other mutual targets.

QMC is committed to develop the skills and abilities of Qatar University’s students at the Information Department.

It allows them to join its media and organizational programs and workshops throughout the year, and offers the opportunity to have close contact with media equipment and modern studios under the supervision of QMC professionals, in a stimulating media environment.

Extraordinary Media Personality

Qatar Media Corporation opened ” Extraordinary Media Personality ” exhibition in its fifth edition, organized by the Media Club at the Student Activities Center at Qatar University on May 2016.

The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the media talent of students from the media department in various disciplines. It’s also an opportunity to learn about employment opportunities in the media market in Qatar, and a unique opportunity for media students at Qatar University to learn about the labor market challenges, mingle with media institutions’ representatives, and discuss their projects and ideas with journalists from various media entities. The Exhibition also included the public relations village which highlighted CSR concept and the role of the media institutions in QNV 2030 through seminars and workshops.

In addition to the presence and participation of the various QMC’s department managers in the exhibition to share their experiences and media expertise with the students, radio and TV studios were set up to provide an opportunity for media students and exhibition visitors to get acquainted with the radio and television work mechanisms and to encourage their enrollment and involvement in the media field.

Future Media Personality

QMC launched “Future Media Personality” competition in the framework of the National Day celebrations, to establish a new Qatari media generation. QMC organized a workshop for male and female participants at Al Jazeera training center entitled “Young announcer” and honored high schools that won in the journalists’ team competition for producing a full-fledged newspaper under the media brand “The Future” at the newspapers competition, which was held within “Darb Al Saaie” activities.

This competition highlighted the media skills of female students and uncovered promising talents that will contribute to have positive effects in the media field in the future.

These competitions are not intended to win as much as aimed at discovering talented students and try to direct them towards specialties that suit their interests. One of the famous winners of the earliest competition became the firstfemale editor in chief in Qatar.

The competition showed an ascending trend in the performance of the future female and male journalists in terms of using right Arabic language and the powerful presentation and fine interaction, spontaneity, presence and other media skills which were available in the contestants along with good training and strong personality while facing the public. Such competitions have active role in discovering creative talents and giving the opportunity to uncover the inside energies of the students, that would benefit them and their society in the future.